Pages From the Past

The Red Hook Journal is a modern compendium by Maynard Ham of pieces he selects, retypes, designs and produces from past issues of Red Hook newspapers. Each month we will run a "new" Journal for your reading pleasure.
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Red Hook, Friday, Sept. 17, 1915 It's September! As we look forward to Hardscrabble Day and its parade and music, Red Hook 101 years ago looked forward to "Field Day and Inspection of the Griffing Fire Company" with a firemen's parade, decorated automobile parade and ... " A base ball game between fat and lean men"...really???

Red Hook, August 1, 1913 So what were residents concerned about in August of 1913? Poor apple crops, auto accidents, gas stove far not so unfamiliar...but murderous gravestones and bands of gypsies?

Red Hook, July 20, 1866 So who's complaining about global warming? In 1866, it was 104 in the shade and a young man died 'from drinking ice water.'

Red Hook, July 6,1866 So what was front page news? The upcoming fair, Civil War lyrics written and performed in Madalin, and how about a tunnel under the Hudson for railroad freight?

Red Hook Weekly Journal, Oct 3, 1861 ... "The Great National Sin" - Bitterness and rancor in national political parties was a hot topic in 1861. But locally, Mr. Fisk was proud to show off the new street he was developing, named after himself.

Red Hook, September 6, 1912 The news of the day included the fact that 'hundreds of automobiles passed through town on Monday..." and the Red Hook baseball team captured the County championship.

Red Hook, May 30, 1913 -- A tax on dogs - or else! Red Hook base-ballers facing off against teams from Rhinecliff, Saugerties and Wappinger Falls - who knew? And honoring our Civil War veterans - the last ones standing....

Red Hook, September 5, 1913 -- What goes around, comes around, as this wonderful ad for school supplies from September 1913 proves.

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